Malcom and Hannah Coombes

Malcom and Hannah Coombes

We send you our greetings and love in the Precious Name of our Saviour and Keeper.   Praise Him.

     Well, we were reading in Habakkuk 3.6 “…he had horns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power.”.   Then as we thought of the Hand of the Lord Jesus, putting forth power in healing and feeding, we realized that although Habakkuk did not fully understand what he was writing, the prophet showed that the One to come would be God manifest in flesh.   To know that fact is very comforting.

     For us it is especially comforting, at this time.    As you know from our prayer letter, we were due to go to France, then Hannah had planned to visit her family in Syria.   It was very timely that Hannah had to cancel her visit, because at the date she was due to go the French navy sent missiles over the city where her family live.   Her sister said that they had a sleepless night hearing the missiles going overhead.   However, the missiles were going into the mountain region.   There was no damage to the city, but it was frightening for them.

     The other reason that we had to cancel our visits was, and is, because of my health.   After blood tests it was found that I had a blockage in the bile duct leading from the liver.   A week ago, I had a minor operation to put a stent into the duct.  That solved the problem of my jaundice.   But, after taking samples from a small tumour that was found during the operation, I was notified that very small area has a rare can.   An operation cannot be done because the area is difficult and dangerous to get to.    Soon, I will talk with the cancer specialist.   At that time, I will know the next step in the process.

     As you will know, we are doing as the Lord tells us in Psalm 37.7.   “Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for him: “.

     Well, this is our news for the moment, except to say that the Syrian refugees are still in contact with us, and they thank us for our help.  We gave three families an Arabic Bible each.

     Now may the Lord bless.  Many thanks for your concern..

     Forever in Him.

Mmalcolm and Hannah

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