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Ron & Maria Cunningham

Ron & Maria Cunningham

Ron and Maria Cunningham After a routine check-up, Maria tested positive for Covid-19. While she is not currently showing symptoms, given her age (92) and previous heart problems, Maria is vulnerable. Pray for Maria, Ron and family at this anxious time.

Roy Wood with The Lord 02 October 2020

Roy Wood with The Lord 02 October 2020

Roy & Karen Wood served the Lord in Angola & Congo 1948 – 1972

Dear All

My father passed away gently and peacefully at his home on Friday 2nd October at 8.10pm.  I was by his side.

As a family we have been graciously upheld by the Lord.

We are grateful for your support over many years to my parents Roy and Karen Wood.

Yours sincerely,

Miriam Wood (daughter of Roy Wood)

Inga Bermejo – With The Lord 11 September 2020

Inga Bermejo – With The Lord 11 September 2020

The Home call of our sister Mrs Inga Bermejo who with her late husband served the Lord in Spain from 1960 to 2012
Mark Lacey Bath

Dear All This is a little note to let you know that our sister and friend Inga Bermejo passed away to be with her Lord this morning after a short illness.  Please remember the family in your prayers.


Dear Andrew and dear friends of the RMAF,

I have been asked to extend our deep gratitude for the affection and support shown to both Eric and Inga over the years by yourselves and RMAF.

On the day of the funeral we were blessed by a sunny morning at Crewkerne cemetery, then followed by a lovely Thanks giving service at Manvers Hall where due to the current conditions we were limited to the 30 attendees max, but with Manvers wonderful support were able to be joined on Zoom by many relatives and friends for the occasion.

With  our appreciation and love and wishing you the Lord’s rich blessings.

Carlos and Mery Elvira

Eglon & Judith Harris

Eglon & Judith Harris

Dear Prayer Partners,

It is now more than seven months that the Lock down was declared.

We are grateful to God for enabling us to record weekly messages for the Lord´s people, as, together with the other Elders of the Assembly in Orizaba, we send out seven  16-18 minutes recorded talks for different occasions. Besides these, there are recordings for the different ages in Sunday School by their teachers.  We have not gone into anything with advanced technology as many of our Fellowship do not have mobile phones and less internet. We also send the talks to some other Assemblies who have the means to receive them.

My fifteen talks on Hebrews and the twelve on figures of the Holy Spirit and the Church, have now been printed and distributed to those who were unable to hear  them as recorded messages. Also, El Sembrador has published many new booklets which have been well received. One of our young men is able to deliver the booklets to all who need reading material during this “stay at home” time. We have four more booklets waiting to be edited and published.

Please pray for the printed page and for Judith, my principal critic and proof corrector.

The City Register of Deaths by COVID-19 in Orizaba is 266. So please pray for us, we are by no means flattening the curve. Added to this, in the whole state of Veracruz, (approximately the area of the UK) there are only three COVID hospitals, and Orizaba has one of them!

The big question is when to open the Church building for meetings. Added to this over 55% of those in fellowship are over 60 and only two Elders are below that age. At present we have decided to continue with our seven weekly talks, and the special ones for Sunday School. Please pray for the fifteen or more brothers and sisters involved in preparing and recording these talks.

We are also grateful to God for His protection of this lethal virus.

May the Lord bless you in His ministry,

With our prayers.


Chrissie McSorley

Chrissie McSorley

Chrissie McSorley (Brazil 1960-2017) was called home to be with the Lord on Tuesday 5 May. Pray for her sister, Sadie, in the United States, and for her extended family at this time.

Walter & Carole Buchberger

Walter & Carole Buchberger

Dear saints a verbal note from our brother & sister I received at 10:30 am today 11 May 2020.
To answer concerns that have been raised about our brother and sister Walter & Carole who served the Lord in France from 1965 to 2001 (and still serving HIM in smaller ways now they are in their nineties). They are keeping well in isolation albeit today as with the UK, the French Government is allowing a little more exercise which our brother is able to do on his bicycle.
The saints they would meet with are suffering the effects of the virus, of those who are ill some 23, there is at least one in a very serious condition for whom they are soliciting the LORD’s special help.
For those who have been concerned in the UK who have been enquiring as to whether something has happened to Walter & Carole please note their computer has been breaking down so they have not been able to communicate with friends.
I had a 15 min call with our brother Walter this morning. I have never spoken to him before but we had the most enjoyable time of fellowship on the phone, and they send their thanks to the RMAF for the love and the support we show and the deeply appreciated gift of the Lord’s money sent every quarter.
How much they appreciate the LORD’s kindness and care after leaving secular employment in Cheshire and Manchester to serve since 1965.
Walter says “We Thank you all in the precious name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST”
Walter & Carole Buchberger.
Pfastatt nr Strasbourg
Shirley Brown

Shirley Brown

Dear John

It is a year since I have been in touch with news of Shirley Brown.

Shirley finally passed away on Tuesday 28 January. Her death was peaceful and in no way related to the virus.

In fact it was a release for her from suffering and now she is nearer to the Lord.

It would be nice if a notification could be placed in the RMAF magazine, as there may still be some who remember her. I will try to contact the organisation on the web site as well, and don’t wish to inconvenience you with that.

Thank you again for all your help with her finances while she was alive. It made a great difference at a very stressful time.

Kind regards

Kay Evans

Virginia Jahn

Virginia Jahn

From Heather Jahn
It is my sad duty to have to tell you that Virginia passed away this week. She had been discharged from hospital into a nursing home on 8th April where they carried on caring for her. Sadly we were not able to visit her, so we wrote to her and phoned everyday and encircled her with lots of prayer, praying that she could feel the presence and comfort of our Lord around her. She became more and more sleepy over the proceeding week and died peacefully in her sleep around 6ish on Tuesday morning 21/04/2020.
Thank you so much for all your support to her over the years – I know it meant a lot to her.
With kind regards
Someone who knew her well just wrote this….It is impossible to summarise how wonderful Virginia was. She and her late husband were missionaries in north India. Virginia knew joys as well as tragedy having lost two sons and a daughter. She was American and the family loved her stories of life in America as well as life in India. Upon reaching England in 1968 after Max, her husband died, she used her Hindi speaking skill to minister to many people in Southall. She was full of love, faith, care and constant prayer for others. It is selfish to be sad but I should rejoice that she has gone to meet her Lord and Saviour whom she served all her life. It is often the case that one paints a rosy picture of one who has died but this is not the case with Virginia. I thank God for sharing her with us.

Virginia died at Chiswick Nursing Home this morning. Please pray for Rosemary & John, Lois & Dave, John, Heather and Virginia’s other relatives and friends.


Hilda Wadsworth

Hilda Wadsworth

I (Roger) have received these details today for your information and prayers. Note there are no details of restrictions specific to this arrangement, except the strict Government guidelines that have been issued for all to observe restricting any small /large group gatherings.

Cremation has been arranged for Thursday 23rd April at 11.30 a.m. at Hither Green Crematorium, Verdant Lane, Lewisham, SE6 1TP.

No decision has yet been made about donations though it has been suggested they might be postponed until the thanksgiving service. The undertaker is Francis Chappell & Sons, 231 High Street, Bromley BR1 1NZ. If flowers are sent they should be delivered to them by 10.a.m. on that day.

I have just recieved a note from Les & Jean White today . they both wrote

“Hilda had known me all my life and it was through her that Les and I went to Kalene in 1962. She was from our church, Brook Lane Chapel, and as youngsters we supported the work at Kalene, Hillwood Farm and Sakieji.

While at Kalene Hilda was ‘Auntie’ to our children.We told the people in church this morning as many knew her and was reminded what a lot she did for the Lunda people at Kalene and the surrounding area. She will be remembered with great thanks and we have lost a dear friend. ”

At around 1.30pm today the Lord took Hilda Home! She’d had quite a difficult time in the last few months, especially finding it hard to swallow and therefor eating hardly anything in the last month or so except ice cream. She was still able to converse but was very weary. Just yesterday she said she wanted her family around her – but her parents, sisters and brother had all predeceased her – something she found hard to believe. Her cousin visited faithfully but her niece lives in Somerset so was unable to do so. Obviously we don’t yet know about any arrangements but will let you know when they are made.

Sylvia Tarring

Sylvia Tarring

Sylvia Tarring (Pakistan 1969-2001)
Our sister Sylvia passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord on 10 th March. Sylvia was my
predecessor as Editor of the RMAF prayer newsletter, a task she carried out faithfully and cheerfully
for many years. The increasing loss of feeling in her hands and feet made this a particularly difficult
task, yet in this and in other areas she never complained but remained positive at all times, thanking
the Lord for His goodness to her.
Sylvia also leaves a great spiritual legacy among the women and girls in Pakistan who she taught and
mentored for many years. We give thanks for her memory and rejoice that she is now in that better
place with the One she served single-heartedly.